23 December 2018

Xiaomi Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Smartphone Price List in Bangladesh: (Dec-2018)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 6A -----------(Released on 2018) 5.4" /2GB RAM /16GB ROM : Price Tk 9999/-
  • Xiaomi Redmi 6 ------------(Released on 2018) 5.4" /3GB RAM /32GB ROM : Price Tk 12739/-
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime (Released on 2017) 5.5" /3GB RAM /32GB ROM : Price Tk 13707/-
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 -------(Released on 2017) 5.5” /4GB RAM /64GB ROM : Price Tk 15490/-
  • Xiaomi Redmi S2 -----------(Released on 2018) 5.9" /4GB RAM /64GB ROM : Price Tk 16999/-
  • Xiaomi Mi A1 --------------(Released on 2017) 5.5" /4GB RAM /32GB ROM : Price Tk 16990/-

17 December 2018

Kemei Trimmer Price in Bangladesh

Here is the list of Kemei trimmer models available in Bangladesh:

Kemei KM-730  Rechargeable Hair Clipper Trimmer-----------------: Price: tk 400/-
Kemei KM-631  Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper-----------: Price: tk 415/-
Kemei KM-9020  Electric Rechargeable Beard Trimmer--------------: Price: tk 415/-
Kemei KM-0721 Adjustable Rechargeable Hair Clipper/Beard Trimmer: Price: tk 449/-
Kemei KM-203B Electric Beard Trimmer & Hair Trimmer-------------: Price: tk 449/-
Kemei KM-2169 Professional Rechargeable Beard Trimmer-----------: Price: tk 499/-
Kemei KM-707b Professional Hair Clipper/Hair Trimmer------------: Price: tk 599/-
Kemei KM-2599 Original Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Black---------: Price: tk 599/-
Kemei KM-3060 Beard Trimmer With Hair Clippers------------------: Price: tk 599/-
Kemei KM-3560 2 in1 Ultra Power Multi Purpose Trimmer-----------: Price: tk 599/-
Kemei KM-2017 Cordless Beard Trimmer----------------------------: Price: tk 699/-
Kemei KM-3090 Beard Trimmer with Hair Clipper-------------------: Price: tk 649/-
Kemei KM-3560 2 in1 Ultra Power Multi Purpose Trimmer-----------: Price: tk 649/-
Kemei KM-619  Rechargeable Hair Trimmer With Clipper For Men----: Price: tk 699/-
Kemei KM-6166 Waterproof Electric Beard Trimmer-----------------: Price: tk 699/-
Kemei KM-2013 Rechargeable Beard & Moustache Trimmer------------: Price: tk 699/-
Kemei KM-5 Professional Barber Hair Clippers for Hair Salon-----: Price: tk 788/-
Kemei KM-418 Beard Trimmer Professional-------------------------: Price: tk 799/-
Kemei KM-7055 Beard Trimmer With 4 Different Size Clippers------: Price: tk 799/-

Learn more about Kemei Product: yiwukemei.en.alibaba.com

12 December 2018

Philips Trimmer Price in Bangladesh

List of Philips Trimmer price in Bangladesh:
  • Philips Beard Trimmer BT1000--------: Price: tk 2150/-
  • Philips Multigroom----MG1100--------: Price: tk 2900/-
  • Philips Body Grooming BG105---------: Price: tk 2910/-
  • Philips Beard Trimmer QT4000--------: Price: tk 3800/-
  • Philips Family Hair Clipper QC5115--: Price: tk 3900/-
  • Philips Multigroom 3-in-1 QG3322/13-: Price: tk 3900/-
  • Philips Beard Trimmer QT4005/15-----: Price: tk 4050/-
  • Philips Beard Trimmer QT4009--------: Price: tk 4045/-
  • Philips Multigroom  6-in-1 MG3710/15: Price: tk 4400/-
  • Philips Multigroom  8-in-1 MG3730/15: Price: tk 4900/-

(All price are in BDT. Last updated on 11-dec-2018)
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Learn more about Philips Products: www.philips.co.in

28 November 2018

Sofeda ( সফেদা ) / Sapodilla Fruit Health Benefits

Bengali Name: Sofeda ( সফেদা ).
English Name: Sapodilla.
Other names: Manilkara zapota / chikoo / sapota .

Health benefits of Sofeda (chikoo) :

- It aids Digestion.
- It has anti-inflammatory properties.
- It has powerful anti-oxidants.
- It contains potassium,copper,iron,folate,niacin, pantothenic acid.
- It contains Vitamin, A,B,C,E.

Top Mineral Content in Sofeda (chikoo) fruit: 

Iron:              0.80 mg  RDI%:4%
Potassium: 193.00 mg  RDI%:4%
Copper:         0.08 mg  RDI%:4%
Magnesium:12.00 mg  RDI%:3%
Calcium:      21.00 mg  RDI%:2%

26 November 2018

Pregniforte Tablet - Made in Taiwan

Product: Pregniforte (30 tablets)
Image: Pregniforte tablet (Made in Taiwan)
  • Medicine Brand name: Pregniforte (30 tablets)
  • Composition: Myo-inositol , Folic acid, Vitex
  • M.R.P tk: 1595/- ( last update Nov-2018)
  • Manufactured by: Fu-E Lifesciences Co. Ltd.
    (Made in Taiwan)
  • Imported by: Jupiter Health Care ( 10/17, Eastern Plaza,Dhaka 1205)
  • Marketed by: Alien Skin Care ( 9/17, Eastern Plaza, Sonargaon Road, Dhaka 1205)

You can buy this tablet from below pharmacy:
  • Sky Line Pharma ( House#21, Road#7, Sector#4, Uttara,Dhaka 1230)
    Mobile: 01902214466