Pending for Passport Personalisation - Bangladesh Passport Status

Pending for Passport Personalisation means - Your passport in now printing.
It might take 7/8 working days in Bangladesh.
This status is shown when you have applied for Bangladesh Passport from online
  • You can visit Bangladesh Passport website: ( Link: ) to check status.

Steps in Passport Personalisation:

1. Laser Engraving
2. HD DOD Colour Inkjet Printing
3. Security Lamination
4. Inline Quality Control (optical/electronic)
5. RFID Encoding

There is lead time for:

1. Quality control (checking the data are machine readable or not).
2. Preparation for dispatch.
3. transportation.
4. Entry etc.
5. Delay due to rush.

To check Bangladesh Passport Status by SMS:

SMS format: mrp
and send to address: 6969.

SMS sample: mrp 260100001234567


  • You can check Bangladesh Passport application status online:

For any question, Contact Passport Office,Agargaon, Dhaka.
  • Mobile: 01733393323