Dhaka to Sylhet Train schedule

Dhaka to Sylhet Train
Bangladesh Railway provides 4 Dhaka to Sylhet Train, they are: Parabat express, Joyenteeka, Kalni express , Upaban express. .
Given below is Dhaka to Sylhet Train schedule.

Train Schedule: Dhaka to Sylhet Train List

  • Train No:709, PARABAT_EXPRESS, From Dhaka- 6:35 , To Sylhet- 13:20, Total  time: 7 Hr
  • Train No:717, JOYENTEEKA, From Dhaka- 12:00 ,To Sylhet- 19:40, Total  time: 8 Hr
  • Train No:773, KALNI_EXPRESS, From Dhaka- 16:00 ,To Sylhet- 21:25 , Total time: 6 Hr
  • Train No:739, UPABAN_EXPRESS, From Dhaka- 21:50, To Sylhet- 5:24 , Total  time: 8 Hr

Dhaka to Sylhet Train time

Train Schedule: From Sylhet --- To Dhaka 

  • Train No: 718, JOYENTEEKA, From Sylhet- 8:40, To Dhaka- 16:00, Total time: 8 Hr
  • Train No: 710, PARABAT_EXPRESS, From Sylhet- 15:00, To Dhaka- 22:17, Total time: 8 Hr
  • Train No: 740, UPABAN_EXPRESS, From Sylhet- 22:00, To Dhaka- 5:33, Total time: 8 Hr
Dhaka to Sylhet Train time

  • To know Train location through SMS, type TR , and send to 16318
    For Example, to know location of Kalni Express, type TR 773 , and send to 16318 .
  •  To Buy Online Train Ticket for Dhaka to Sylhet Train, Visit link: Online Bangladesh Railway 
  • Accepted Online payment through
    - DBBL Nexus/VISA/MASTER/Mobile Banking
    - City bank Amex cards.

To Register for online ticket purchase, you need to have
- email address
- mobile number

To know more about Bangladesh Railway , visit: www.railway.gov.bd

Dhaka to Sylhet Train online ticket

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