How to Stop 228777 in Grameenphone

How to Stop VAS service in Grameenphone

Sometimes, you get unnecessary service SMS in your Grameenphone SIM. It can be some value added service which is found active in your SIM. And it is also charging money on every daily/weekly/monthly activation of this value added service. To get rid of this paid services, you need to follow below steps.

How to stop Messages from 228777 number in Grameenphone ?
To Stop 228777 service in Grameenphone:
Dial this : *121# -> 6 -> 1

For your information: 
To deactivate all VAS (Value Added Services) (except Welcome Tune, Miss Call Alert, Call Block Service, Music Radio & GP Music),
please dial *121*6*1# (Free).
Those will be stopped within 72 hours (Maximum).

To get more information, visit Grameenphone official website:

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