TP-Link Wifi Router Price in Bangladesh

TP-Link Wifi Router Price in Bangladesh
TP Link Router 150Mbps    Price: 1400/- BDT 

One of the most selling brand for wifi router is TP Link. It has different models with different Price. Some of the most selling economy price models are:

TP Link Router - 150Mpbs , 4 LAN port
  • TL-WR740N
    •  Price: TK 1400/-
    • 150Mbps
    • Features: 4 LAN ports, WIFI.
TP Link Router - 150Mbps, 2 LAN port
  • TL-WR720N
    • Price: TK 1200/-
    • 150Mbps
    • Features: 2 LAN ports, WIFI.
Updated on 14th June,2015 .
Get one year warranty with TP-Link Wifi Router in Bangladesh.

NOTE:Keep your router safe from getting damage with Thunder Lightning. Unplug ISP WAN wire from your router to keep it safe.

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