15 March 2017

How to get Robi Emergency Balance

Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance

What is Robi Emergency Balance ?
It is a process of getting advance balance as credit when main balance is not sufficient to make calls.

What is the commercial name of Robi Emergency balance? 
Jhotpot Emergency balance

What are the benefit of Robi Emergency Balance service  ?
Benefits are, you can make call having advance balance.

How to activate Robi Emergency Balance ?
To activate:  Dial *8811*1#

How to deactivate Robi Emergency Balance ?
To deactivate or Stop:  Dial *8811*2#

How to check remaining balance ?
To Check remaining balance: dial *222*16#

  • To activate:  Dial *8811*1#
  • To deactivate or Stop:  Dial *8811*2#
  • To Check remaining balance: dial *222*16#

Watch TVC of Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance: