28 January 2014

Latest Tablet Price - February 2015

Tablet PC is a portable Touchscreen device available in different screen size such as 7inch, 8inch, 9inch, 10inch. Some of the popular Bangladeshi Brand Tablet PC are Walton, Symphony. Other International Brands are Apple,Samsung,Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface,Lenevo.

27 January 2014

Latest Smart Phone Price List - January 2014

Smart Phone - Tablet Logo
Check the price list of Smart Phone and Tablet  in Bangladeshবাংলাদেশে স্মার্ট ফোন ও ট্যাবলেট পণ্যের দাম সমূহ।
Popular brands : Walton , Symphony, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericson, Blackberry .

24 January 2014

Symphony T8Q Tablet Video Review

Symphony Tablet T8Q
Symphony Tablet T8Q
Watch hands on video review of Symphony Tablet T8Q :

21 January 2014

List of Online Job sites in Bangladesh

List of Bangladeshi Mobile Brands 2014

The use of mobile phone is increasing day by day as the telecommunication network is expanding more all around the places in Bangladesh. Mobile devices are used for both voice and data communication. Some of the Bangladeshi Mobile Brand upto 2014 are :
  • Strawberry: Manufactured by Integra Group. Other Brands of Integra are Sprint, Integra. Strawberry Mobile were introduced in market from 2012 in Bangladesh.
    Visit the official website of Strawberry mobile
  • walton
  • Walton: It is manufactured by R.B Group Industries. It launched Walton Mobile in market by 2008 in Bangladesh.
    Visit the official website of Walton Mobile
  • symphony
  • Symphony: It is manufacturer by EDISON group. It launched Symphony Mobile in market by 2008 in Bangladesh.
    Visit official website of Symphony mobile

20 January 2014

Online Holy Quran with Bangla Translation

Read Bangla Translation of Holy Qur'an Online from the website : Quran.com

quran translation

12 January 2014

Symphony Xplorer T8Q Tab 2014 specifications

Symphony Xplorer T8Q is released in 2014. Price of this tablet is: Tk. 14,990/=  BDT

Online Earning Opportunities in Bangladesh

You need two things for Online Earning in Bangladesh. i) Learn and Practice English language. ii) Be an Expert of any single work at beginning.

Becoming an Expert can be challenging. You need to invest time to practice the work you feel confident.There are many freelancing sites that offer work.Some of the websites are:

1) Upwork
2) Freelancer
3) People Per Hour

You need to register and start finding jobs. But it is not easy to get your first work/job in above sites as you need to understand the requirement of client. Also you need to write a good simple profile in English. To check your skills, start looking for works for practice. Choose a work, complete it and check how much time it took to finish it. The more you practice, the more you become expert and your skills improves.

There are many Online Earning Opportunities in Bangladesh. Make yourself skilled.

Alexa Rank Checker Tool

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11 January 2014

AmaderAd - Earn as Publisher from Blog,Minumum Cashout Tk1000

Online advertisement has become widely popular everywhere. People browse internet, at the same time they click that attracts their attention. And with every click from visitor, the publisher of the website earn. AmaderAd website offer publisher option where a website owner can earn by publishing their ads. The rate of earning can be BDT Tk1/= per click or more or less. And after the total balance reach BDT Tk1000/= then publisher can apply for withdraw of balance by bkash or bank transfer. It is almost similar to Adsense, the only difference is, the money is paid from Bangladesh. So the publishers can quickly get the money without any waiting. They can even get support if any problem occur in transaction.

গুগুল অ্যাডসেন্স থেকে ডলার চেক তুলতে অনেক সময় লেগে যায়। তাদের সর্বনিম্ন ডলার হল ১০০/= যেটা পেতে অনেক সময় লাগে। যদি আপনার ব্লগ/ ওয়েবসাইটে বাংলাদেশী গ্রাহক বেশি থাকে তাহলে আপনি 'Amaderad ' নামক ওয়েবসাইট থেকে উপার্জন করতে পারবেন এবং টাকা চেক ব্যাংক বা বিকাশ থেকে তুলতে পারবেন। সর্বনিম্ন টাকা ১০০০/= হলে টাকা তুলতে পারবেন। 

রেজিস্টার করতে দেখুন:  'Amaderad '

Warning: Dont click Ads by yourself, every click is monitored, and the time and ip and the source of click is recorded. So you may face ban after warning.

Register Here: http://goo.gl/Nly6pi  or visit Amaderad.com

Watch this video:

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