Successful Odesk Tips for Everyone specially for Bangladeshi People

Success comes after continuous struggle and hard work. Every small failure will make you confident about reaching success. There is no shortcut to get success. If you like to have a long term success then you have to pass through each steps of struggle and continuous effort.

From personal experience, after investing time in learning and applying and bidding and experimenting profile and doing test one after another in Odesk lead me to get my first task. Don't expect to get a high paid task on your first job. Your task is to finish the job and get feedback score to have a ground that would reflect your skills.

You can follow my tips. Its not necessary that every tip will work for everyone, but it is working for me.

Tip #1 :

Tip #1 Uncheck 'No Hires' checkbox to avoid Fake job post in search result

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