Dhaka WASA Bill Check

For Dhaka WASA Bill Check, you need to visit website of Dhaka WASA and follow the steps below :

1. Go to : http://www.dwasa.org.bd

2. Go to 'FIND YOUR WASA BILL' menu.
Link: ( Dhaka WASA BILL Check)

3.Enter your same Account no. for both username and password.
You will find the Account no, from your Paper Bill copy of Dhaka WASA. There is no separate password of Customer Account. In Password box, write your account number.

4.Click Login.

5.Enter the starting date and ending date of the bills you like to see.

6.Click Search.


You can now check the payment date, and total balance of Dhaka WASA bill.

For more information about Dhaka WASA, visit: Official Website of Dhaka WASA

Dhaka Wasa website
Check Online Water Bill from WASA Dhaka Website
Dhaka Wasa website

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