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27 March 2013

Mirpur-Banani-Kuril Flyover opens on Mar 27 2013

The construction of 1.75-kilometre-long Mirpur-Airport Road flyover through the restricted Dhaka Cantonment zone will be opened for traffic movement on March 27, Communications Minister Obaidul Quader said.

The flyover was being completed three months before deadline, he added and hoped that it will help reduce to a great extent traffic gridlock in the capital.

Project director Brig. Gen. Abu Sayed Mohammad Masud said once the flyover is inaugurated, people will be able to cross the Dhaka Cantonment in just 10 minutes.

Co-ordinate of this location : 23.816149,90.404788  (copy and paste in google map search )

Co-ordinate of this location: +23° 48' 58.14", +90° 24' 17.24"

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26 March 2013

Google observing Bangladesh Independence Day on 26 March

Google Doodle Bangladesh 2013
Google has made doodle(Image) and named it as "Bangladesh Independence Day 2013" in its Search Page.Google have made a Google Doodle for Bangladesh on the occasion of Independence Day of the country, observes 26 March every year.
The Independence Day of Bangladesh (Bengali: স্বাধীনতা দিবস Shadhinata Dibôsh), also referred to as 26 March, is a national holiday.

Visit www.google.com to see the doodle.

17 March 2013

List of rivers of Bangladesh

Rivers are the most important geographical features in Bangladesh, and it is the rivers that created the vast alluvial delta. It’s been known that the out flow of water from Bangladesh is the third highest in the world, after the Amazon and the Congo systems. The Padma, Jamuna and the lower Meghna are the widest rivers, with the latter expanding to around eight kilometers across in the wet season, and even more during the floods.

Bangladeshi scientists

 List of Bangladeshi Scientist ( List Collected from Wikipedia ) :
    Abul Hussam
    Maqsudul Alam
    Azam Ali (scientist)
    M Innas Ali
    M. Shamsher Ali

    Aref Chowdhury
    Fazlul Halim Chowdhury

    Shah M. Faruque

    J. M. A. Hannan
    A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid
    M. Anwar Hossain
    M. Afzal Hossain
    Qazi Motahar Hossain
    Saleemul Huq
    Fazle Hussain


    Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
    Jamal Nazrul Islam


    A. Q. M. Bazlul Karim
    Mohammad Ataul Karim
    Abdus Suttar Khan


    M. A. Wazed Miah
    Bablin Molik


    Kamrun Nahar
    Sultana N. Nahar


    Muhammad Qudrat-i-Khuda


    Mohammed Fazle Rabbee
    Miftahur Rahman
    Shuvo Roy


    Template:Scientists of Bangladesh
    Zeba Islam Seraj


    S.M. Ullah

For more details, visit Bangladeshi Scientists - Wikipedia

More info here: wikipedia.org

12 March 2013

Tafsir Ibn Kathir in Bangla - Book Detail তাফসীর ই্ব‌নে কাসীর

Book (in Bengali Language) Details:

বই: তাফসীর ই্ব‌নে কাসীর  

মুলঃ হাফেজ আল্লামা ইমাদুদ্দিন ইব‌্নু কাসীর (রহঃ)

অনুবাদঃ ডঃ মুহাম্মদ মুজিবুর রহমান 
[প্রাক্তন অধ্যাপক ও সভাপতি ,
আরবি ও ইসলামিক স্টাডিজ বিভাগ,
রাজশাহী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় , বাংলাদেশ  ]

প্রকাশকঃ তাফসীর পাবলিকেশন কমিটি

পরিবেশকঃ হুসাইন আল মাদানী প্রকাশনী,
[নর্থ সাউথ রোড, বংশাল,
ফোনঃ ৭১১৪২৩৮]
মূল্য  ঃ ৪৫০ /= টাকা