Road trip in Bangladesh

[Guest Post, by Julie Huang]

bangladesh mapLast week, I was spending my weekend watching a new movie. The movie is about 3 best friends having a road trip in Spain. It was a delightful and inspiring movie. For some people, having a road trip in Spain probably is little bit hard to do, but hey, why not having a road trip in our own country?

Some advantages of the road trip is that you can leave anytime you want and you can pack everything you want! Plus the joy during the trip with friends and family is something valuable and memorable.

Some advice about Road trip in Bangladesh

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  • Find out about some important festival that might happen in the cities that you are going. Not only important festival to visit and enjoy, but also events that you might want to avoid, One of the day that is better to avoid is the general elections on 5th January 2014. There is a potential of violent clashes between political group and security forces, and it is not unusual if in this kind of clashes, protestant attracts property and vehicles. Hartals could also involve the shutdown of all activities.
  • Bangladesh has 3 seasons in the year: wet season from late May to early October, cool season from mid-October to the end of February, and hot season from March to mid-May. From July to December, there might be a high potential of rain. And in some area with soil road, the road could be slippery and full of mud. You might never check the weather in Bangladesh, but it is better to avoid heavy rain or you might have a risk of having your car stuck in the mud.

  • Always check your car condition weeks before the trip and exactly before the trip. Having a spare tire in your car could be a good idea and check this extra tire too. Not all cars are suitable for a road trip, to find a good car for the road trip, you could read this article here. If you have an extra budget, you could see new or used car online listing in Bangladesh here. It will be great if your car is insured as well. Standard Insurance is one of the leading car insurance company in Bangladesh; you could check the webpage here.

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  • Prepare water and food in your car. In some places in Bangladesh, you might need to cross a long forest way and probably there are no shops around to buy your lunch. Always prepare some snack or bread in the car. Also, a tip for foreigner, Ramadan is important month as 89.5% population in Bangladesh are muslim. During this month’s Muslim are required to fast and finding a food in small villages cold be difficult. Check the Ramadan time here.

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  • Try to obtain comprehensive travel insurance and check the policy carefully to know what are covered by your insurance. Get an emergency number securely saved on your mobile, including your insurance emergency number.

You will not find a Tomato Festival or Bull Run Festival in Bangladesh. But you could enjoy beautiful nature of Bangladesh that will take you breath away.

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[Guest Post, by Julie Huang ]


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