BanglaLink Priyojon Point check

What is Banglalink Priyojon point?

Priyojon is a loyalty based platform where Banglalink customers receive privileges and exciting offers, exciting discounts and physical gifts.

How to activate Banglalink Priyojon point?

Without any additional registration Banglalink customer can be entitled to different Tiers of Priyojon considering average usage(BDT) of the last 3 months of bill.

How to check Banglalink Priyojon point ?

Dialing *6000# from your Banglalink number.

What are the different Tiers of Banglalink Priyojon customer?

The different Priyojon Tiers will be set based on 3 months Avg. Usage (BDT).

Tier-1: Signature, Avg Usage(BDT) 3000+
Tier-2: Platinum , Avg Usage(BDT) 1000-3000   
Tier-3: Gold     , Avg Usage(BDT)  500-999
Tier-4: Silver     , Avg Usage(BDT)  300-499
Tier-5: Basic    , Avg Usage(BDT)  150-299

How to get gifts using Banglalink Priyojon point through SMS ?

Banglalink customer can redeem exciting gifts with Priyojon points by writing code number of the gift and send the SMS to 5678.

What are the ongoing gifts with Banglalink Priyojon point ?

  • Item: MUG
    Points:1,200 points
    SMS code: M
  • Item: Backpack
    Points: 1,800 points
    SMS code: S

BanglaLink Priyojon Point details

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