Sheikh Saifuddin Belal Madani - Biography

Mohammad Saifuddin Belal
Father's Name:Belal Hossain
Date of birth:10/11/1968
Marital Status:Married
Fax:00966 03 5874644
Email:[email protected]
  1. S.S.C : Madrasa Mohammadia Arabia, Dhaka, 1404 H.
  2. H.S.C : Madrasa Mohammadia Arabia, Dhaka, 1407 H.
  3. Baccalaureate in Hadith. Madrasa Mohammadia Arabia, Dhaka, 1409 H.
  4. Baccalaureate in Hadith (Hons): Madina Islamic University, K.S.A. 1413 H.

  1. Teacher of  Madrasatul Hadith, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. Teacher of  Madrasa Mohammadia Arabia, Dhaka.
  3. Assistant Director of Omar bin Khattab Institute, Khulna, Bangladesh.
  4. Director of Omar bin Khattab, Khulna.
  5. Teacher of Khubaib bin Adi Center, Nilfamary, Bangladesh.
  6. Imam & Khatib of Omar bin Abdul Aziz Mosque, Rangpur, Bangladesh.
  7. Teacher & Rector Jamia Salafia, Rangpur, Bangladesh.
  8. Chief of Bengali Section, Al-Ahsa Islamic Center, Ministry of Islamic Affairs Endowment Guidance & Propagation, K.S.A.
Duties & Responsibilities:
  1. Organizing and supervising Islamic propagation activities among Bengali speaking people in Al-Ahsa region.
  2. Conducting research in Islamic affairs and presenting in monthly conference.
  3. Answering religious questions through telephone and in open program.
  4. Presenting regular Juma Khutba.
  5. Coordinating and sharing propagation activities among other Islamic organizations throughout the Kingdom.
  6. Conducting Diploma Courses on Islamic Studies in Al-Ahsa Islamic Center.
Books and Publications:
Author and translator of more than 40 Islamic Books,Some of them are:


  • Rules of Jakah.
  • Call for the truth (for non Muslim).
  • How to read the Holy Quran without teacher.
  • Siratul Habib
  • Encyclopedia of Islamic Fiqah.
  • Kitab Taharah & Salah.
  • How to increase the age.
  • What I have to learn as a new muslim. 


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