Mobile sim Company List in Bangladesh

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The liberalization of Bangladesh’s telecommunications sector began with small steps in 1989 with the issuance of a license to a private operator for the provision of inter alia cellular mobile services to compete with the previous monopoly provider of telecommunications services the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB).

Significant changes in the number of fixed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred in the late 1990s and the number of services in operation have subsequently grown exponentially in the past five years.
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List of Telecom Mobile Companies in Bangladesh

Public Company List:

Teletalk ( 015 )
(GSM sim)

Private company List:

Grameen Phone ( 017 ):
(GSM sim)

Airtel Bangladesh ( 016 )
(GSM sim)

BanglaLink  ( 019 )
(GSM sim)

Robi - an AXIATA company ( 018 )
(GSM sim)

Citycell ( 011 )

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