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12 January 2014

Latest Computer Price List January 2014

Desktop Computer
Check the price list of Computer items and accesories in Bangladesh.
বাংলাদেশে প্রযুক্তি পণ্যের দাম সমূহ।
Last Updated: 05-Jan-2014

Price (in BDT Taka)
Intel Celeron /1.8 Ghz
Tk.2000  (before 2,500)

Intel Core i3 / 3.3 Ghz
Tk. 9300 (before Tk.9600)

Intel Core i5 / 3.2 Ghz
Tk. 16000 (before Tk.16200)

Intel Core i7 / 3.4 Ghz
Tk.25500 (before Tk.26500 )

GiGaByte GA41MT D3
Tk. 5200 (before Tk.4900)

GiGaByte G41MCombo
Tk. 5800 (before Tk.5100 )

Intel DG41 WV
Tk 5000 ( before Tk.4900)

Apacer DDR3 2GB
Tk.1400(before Tk.1550 )

Transcend DDR3 2GB
Tk.1650( before Tk.1500)

Hardisk (Internel Desktop)
Western Digital 500GB
Tk.4700 ( before Tk5100 )

Hitachi 250GB

Hitachi 500GBTk.4500 (before Tk5000 )

Hitachi 1000GB (1 TB)Tk.6000 (before Tk7700 )

Samsung LCD 17 inch

LG LCD 18.5 inch
Tk.7500 (before 7,900)

Graphics Card (GPU)
Gigabyte HD 6570 / 1GB
Tk 5,600

DVD Writer
Samsung 22x
Tk 1,600

Pen Drive/Flash Drive/USB Drive Transcend 2GB Tk 450

Transcend 4GB Tk 500

Transcend 8GB Tk 750

Transcend 16GB Tk 1,550

Adata 4GB Tk 700

Adata 16GB Tk 2,000
TV card Real View TC TK 1,800
UPS PowerTech 650VA Tk.2800

Apolo 650VA Tk.2850

Apolo 1200VA Tk.5000

ProLink 650VA Tk.2800

Desktop PC 

(Updated 26-08-2013)
  • Intel Pentium Dual Core G2020, 2.9Ghz, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hardisk, 18.5" Monitor: Tk29500/=.
  • Intel Core i3 3.30Ghz 3rd Gen, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hardisk,18.5" Monitor : Tk.35,200/-
  • AMD Dual Core 1.68GHz, 2GB RAM,500GB Hardisk,15.6" monitor : Tk.23,200/-

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