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18 September 2016

TP-Link Wifi Router in Bangladesh

One of the most selling brand for wifi router is TP Link. It has different models with different Price(TAKA/ BDT). Some of the most selling economy price models are:

  • TL-WR740N
    •  Price: TK 1400/-
    • Features: 4 LAN ports, WIFI.
  • TL-WR720N
    • Price: TK 1200/-
    • Features: 2 LAN ports, WIFI.
Updated on 14th June,2015 .
Get one year warranty with TP-Link Wifi Router in Bangladesh

NOTE:Keep your router safe from getting damage with Thunder Lightning. Unplug ISP WAN wire from your router to keep it safe.
Model TL-WR740N    Price: 1400/- BDT 

Teletalk Call Block Service

Call block in Teletalk known as MCBS (Malicious call blocking service).
Monthly fee for this service is tk 11.50 /-
Using this service you can block any specific number from calling to your number. To register/stop/add/delete , follow below ussd code/sms :

16 September 2016

Sundorbon Courier Service - Bangladesh

Sundarban Courier Service (সুন্দরবন কোরিয়ার) is very popular parcel courier service in Bangladesh. It offers the following services:

15 September 2016

Check Electric DESCO Bill Online

Follow below steps to view your all electric bill of DESCO:

1. Go to this link :
2. Enter your account number and press login .

09 August 2016

Titas Gas Kuril Office Zone 4

Titas Gas Office of Zone-4 is now in Kuril Chourasta, Progroti Shoroni.

New Address: 

28 May 2016

Company Name with Address in Dhaka

Below is the information of some Company names and its location in Dhaka city. It is helpful when you want to get a job on your preferred araa/location of work.

01 May 2016

Biometric Registration Validation

You need to do Biometric registration for every GSM SIM in Bangladesh. Below shortcodes given to validate your own sim.