10 November 2017

Bike Security System in Bangladesh

ATS (Anti Theft System Device) is small device that is used for Bike Security available in Bangladesh. It is a smart lock for bike which is designed to protect bike from theft by making a combination of Key and Device together. Features include theft alarm, automatic lock, engine immobilize, no battery consumption. 

ATS  is now available in different outlets in Dhaka. It will start only when both device and key are kept together. Get it now from available outlet in Dhaka.

09 November 2017

Bangla Video Tutorial on Powerpoint

3 Things you can do using Powerpoint : 
i) Use as Graphics tool to create images, brochures, flyers, vector images.
ii) Cretae business presentation , collaboration, Storyboard.
iii) Create Photo album , personal portfolio , animation , tutorials.

Watch Bangla Tutorial on Powerpoint :

08 November 2017

Lenovo Service Center in Dhaka

Below are the list of Lenovo Service Center in Dhaka City.

06 November 2017

List of Bangladesh Office Facebook page

Here are some collection of Facebook page of different offices of Bangladesh.

List of Bangladesh Facebook page:

05 November 2017

Teletalk MB Check

This post will give information on how to do Teletalk MB checking when you have an Internet package.

For Teletalk MB check,  go to SMS option,  write: u and send SMS to 111.
(This will show internet MB usage of volume bundled package )